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We don't want to just scratch the surface. We want to get to know you and your company. The better we know your company and your processes, the better we can personalize our support for you.

Getting started can be easy

Never had a tax advisor? Just tell us everything that’s on your mind!

After we have arranged a free initial consultation by telephone, you can visit us in our office. You will have the opportunity to get to know us, to present your consulting requirements and to formulate your expectations of our cooperation. We will discuss initial approaches to a solution or the nature and scope of our cooperation and, of course, you will also find out how we charge for our services. No question should remain unanswered. The initial consultation is free of charge for you, but never for nothing!

We make the switch easy.

The relationship between clients and their tax advisor is characterised by a high level of trust, usually very long-term and often across generations. That is also what we aim for! However, if you have decided to change your tax advisor, we will be happy to hold an initial non-binding meeting with you to discuss the nature, scope, and cost of our collaboration. If we convince you and you decide to work with us, we will make the change of advisor as easy as possible for you. Your designated contact person will discuss the necessary measures with you (if necessary, termination of a tax consultant contract, change of accounting system, request of the data from the previous consultant, etc.) and can relieve you of much of this effort. Let's discuss it.

Tax advice

What languages ​​do we speak?

We are here to help you in German, English, and French.

Client Relations

Our entire team is at your disposal, and you will work with a designated contact person. A partner will look after you in cooperation with another tax advisor, if necessary.

Your designated contact person

It is especially important for us that you feel that you are in good hands with us. That is why we stay in regular contact with you, to be able to respond promptly to changes in your consulting needs. For this we use regular discussions of the monthly analysis of your business, graphical presentation of your annual financial statements and discussion of the trends that can be identified from them for the development of your company, participation in shareholders' meetings and support in credit discussions with your main bank as well as in negotiations when buying or selling a company.
If necessary, we can hold in-depth discussions with you about your business or private projects. We will show you the economic and tax consequences of various alternatives to help you to make your decision. We are always ready to listen to your personal expectations and wishes about our team.
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Financial accounting

Payroll accounting

Tax returns

Year-end work

Our specialist teams

Get to know the team

Together we will achieve your goals!

We are a strong team, supporting you in both tax and business matters. “Quality instead of quantity” is our motto.


Effective auditing

Qualified support

The auditing department plays an important role in our tax consulting firm and is a top priority for us. We usually work with medium-sized companies. The annual audits are generally led by our partner Joachim Wittlich. For our clients, this means qualified support throughout the auditing process.

Stable team

Our team of auditors has been stable for years and is perceived by our clients as a reliable point of contact.

We answer your questions

Thanks to the hands-on support from the lead auditor, direct communication between management and the auditor is guaranteed. Our clients tell us how helpful it is that in the event of problems, an immediate decision on how to proceed is usually possible. It goes without saying that we are available to our clients' employees in the "preparation phase" of the annual financial statements for queries to clarify in advance any accounting issues that might arise.

Digital auditing

Our audits are characterized by a high degree of digitalization. We work with a certified auditing and documentation program from Datev eG

Where do we audit?

Our audit team operates nationwide, with our geographical focus being on the Rhine-Main area.

The audit process

Audit planning

A meeting with directors or management so that we can understand your business model and determine the scope of our audit.

Preliminary audit

A timely prior review of the existing systems and processes (documentation of the existing structure and process organization in the area of accounting, inclusion of the internal control system and the risk management system, as well as the preliminary discussion of any special questions).

Main audit

he actual annual audit of accounting (risk-based audit approach).

Audit report
+ certification

We report on the results of our audit in an audit report that complies with the current standards of the Institute of Auditors and ends with the professional certification.

We don't just lump everything together

We know about the different complexities of business models and corporate structures. We adjust the scope of our auditing accordingly. We would be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer for your company.

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