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We assist you in all the stages of your entrepreneurial activity.

We support you in founding or buying a company. We create a sustainable financial plan with you based on the appropriate legal structure that we have determined together. We also support you in evaluating and negotiating the purchase of a company or in financing discussions.
And of course, we offer you the services that are standard in the industry (e.g. tax returns, annual financial statements, payroll accounting, financial accounting).

Our team of specialists

Payroll accounting

Comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of tax and social security law is essential, especially in payroll accounting. For this reason, we have established a team of colleagues in this field of work that focuses exclusively on these key topics. With this team of specialists, we are also well positioned for the processing of extensive accounting for companies with large numbers of employees. Correct and timely invoices are standard practice for us! Our team is also happy to provide advisory support of your company's internal personnel administration.

Global knowledge

International tax law

Our world and our tax law are global. Our services don't stop at national borders either. We support you in both outbound and inbound cases. This ranges from advice on the optimal tax structure of domestic branches, through VAT registration, to the establishment of a domestic subsidiary. To this end, we involve - if necessary - foreign colleagues for qualified advice in the target country.
We are also happy to solve cross-border issues in ​​income or inheritance taxation for you.

Successful across generations

Corporate succession

When structuring a corporate succession, complex business, tax, and corporate law issues must be resolved in addition to personal matters. We help you to organize corporate succession efficiently and without conflicts. If you are thinking of selling your company, we can provide you with an initial company valuation estimate or carry out a viable company valuation

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Specialist teams

Our success is based primarily on the knowledge and commitment of our employees, who are eager to take responsibility and ready to face new challenges and tasks every day. Meet (y)our team! If you are looking for new professional challenges for yourself, find out about the career opportunities in our company!

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Let's move to digitalization together. Working with you, we configure precisely tailored interfaces from inventory management, personnel management software, time tracking and document management systems. As your team, we can then respond faster and advise you based on the up-to-date figures. In addition to our advice, our IT specialist will provide you with holistic support from needs analysis to setup and user training.

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…ist bei uns noch Chefsache

Für mittelgroße und große Kapitalgesellschaften sieht das deutsche Handelsrecht eine Jahresabschlussprüfung vor. Oftmals ist auch in Gesellschaftsverträgen eine jährliche Prüfung des Jahresabschlusses vorgesehen.Wir stehen Ihnen gerne in diesem Zusammenhang zur Verfügung und führen für Ihr Unternehmen sowohl Pflichtprüfungen als auch freiwillige Jahresabschlussprüfungen kompetent und fristgerecht durch.Unser Prüfungsteam ist bundesweit tätig, wobei unser geografischer Schwerpunkt im Rhein-Main Gebiet liegt.

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... is still a top priority for us

German commercial law provides for an annual audit for medium-sized and large corporations. An annual audit of the yearly financial statements is also often included in articles of association. We are at your disposal in this context to carry out both mandatory and voluntary annual audits for your company competently and on time. Our audit team operates nationwide, with a geographical focus on the Rhine-Main area.

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