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What does it mean for me as a client to work with a digital tax consulting firm?

Cooperation with a digital law firm offers many advantages in the area of data and document exchange without system disruption. For example, we offer digital document exchange via cloud applications. This can ensure location-independent support. As a client, you have permanent access to your receipts, documents and evaluations.
In addition, we offer custom-fit interfaces from enterprise resource planning, time recording, document management systems into the DATEV software to simplify data exchange.

How do I make my company digital?

Discussion of requirements/needs analysis and effort assessment

Ordering and setting up the software and adapting the interfaces

Instruction of users on-site or via remote support

Our IT specialist

Our IT specialist has the core task of advancing the digitization of our clients. In addition, he offers a holistic support from the needs analysis, to the setup, to the user training. Thanks to remote maintenance, our IT specialist can also support you regardless of location. David Thelen has in-depth knowledge of DATEV over several years with a focus on: DATEV Unternehmen online, interfaces in payroll and financial accounting, document management systems and procedural documentation.

"In international eCommerce, digitization is also becoming more and more important in the area of accounting. Concept is a competent and flexible partner for us in this regard. By using powerful tools, we have been able to substantially improve our accounting system and automate it in large parts. In addition, Concept is an expert advisor in the complex area of payroll accounting."

Arndt Wiedmaier

Management, WIBROS GmbH

"In our cooperation with CONCEPT RENKES & PARTNER mbB, we would like to emphasize the professionalism with regard to the digitalization of work processes. Thus, the entire financial and payroll accounting is presented digitally and always up-to-date on the "DATEV Unternehmen Online" platform. For communication as well as document and receipt management, suitable interfaces were developed in joint coordination. All necessary measures are always taken to the optimization of IT security and data protection."

Yven Eisenmann

Management, Baumhaus GmbH

"By switching to DATEV Unternehmen Online we have reached a higher level with Concept Renkes as a strong partner in the area of our finances. Many commercial processes are much less complicated and coordination has become much faster and easier. In the future we want to extend the use to other areas as well".

Leonhard Wendling

Controller, IBC Ingenieurbau GmbH

Frequently asked questions


What options do I have to digitize my receipts?

The DATEV system we use offers apps for both PCs (Windows and Apple) and smartphones. The documents can

Are there any apps that I can use?

Digital collaboration with us can also be accomplished using apps. The DATEV system that we make available offers apps for both PCs (Windows and Apple) and smartphones. The documents can thus be conveniently loaded into the DATEV Cloud and made available to the law firm. The originals remain with the client.

Which interface can I use

Working with the client, we develop tailor-made interfaces from inventory management and personnel management software, and time tracking and document management systems. We have powerful tools and extensive interface descriptions at our disposal.

Can I then throw my papers away?

This answer to the question may be “yes, but ...”. Receipts can be destroyed if procedural documentation has been created beforehand. The process workflow documentation ensures that the process documentation is comprehensible up to the recording of the instruction in the procedures. We are happy to assist you with the creation of procedural documentation.

Do I have permanent access to my data?

Yes, permanent access is possible by storing the documents and evaluations in the DATEV Cloud. Compliance with strict data protection requirements is guaranteed by two-factor authentication, an authorization policy, and data centers located in Germany.

Will I still have personal contact?

We look forward to personal contact with our clients at any time. However, if you decide to leave the Rhine-Main area or if you would like to reduce journeys to our office to a minimum, we would be happy to offer you professional alternatives.

Explainer videos on digital collaboration

To help you on your way to digitalisation, we have put together a small selection of explanatory videos for you.

DATEV Company Online

The internet-based platform for smooth document and data exchange between tax advisor and company.

Explainer video: Experience from corporate practice

DATEV My Taxes

he internet-based platform for the smooth exchange of documents between tax advisor and income tax client

Explainer video: Exchange documents with DATEV My Taxes

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